Meek Mill’s Success Secrets


Hustle hard while you got a chance, while the money’s coming in.

Meek Mill understands how important it is to take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves. In his situation, this means doing every paid appearance, show, interview and song that he can to profit from the fame and recognition he has been able to attain.

What opportunities have you been ignoring in your life and how can you begin to take advantage of them right now?


My legacy is based on dreams, chasing your dreams, and letting all the kids know from the type of area I came from that anything is possible.

The name Meek Mill is synonymous with the word Dreamchasers. Every mixtape and album of his is themed around the idea of chasing your dreams. He loves to talk about how he came from nothing and it only takes a quick YouTube search to see proof of this.

He grew up on the “North side of Philly where it’s real gritty”. He says that he never actually believed that it was possible for him to be as successful as he is today and that he felt stuck in his situation. However, his dream of being a successful rapper eventually came true because he never gave up.


Make sure you believe in your dreams. If you don’t believe in yourself, won’t nobody believe in you, you already lost from the start.

You have to believe in yourself no matter what other people say if you wish to achieve great levels of success. Other peoples doubts are just tests to see how strong your desire and how real your belief is. Why would they ever believe in your dreams if you don’t? Fix your mind on what you want to accomplish and work hard at it every single day. Progress helps to build belief and belief helps to speed up progress.

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