Tony Robbins: The Magic Of Visualization (Law of Attraction)

Tony Robbins knows how powerful visualization is for achieving your goals and being successful.

He says there’s four key steps to achieving massive success:


The first thing that determines if a person can do something or not is their potential. Every person has unlimited potential within them to achieve whatever they desire in life.


Action is what brings a persons potential into fruition. You can have all the potential in the world, but if you don’t take any action then it will always remain as just potential.


The amount of action a person takes determines their results. Results are a direct effect of action and only action.


A persons results reinforces their belief towards what they are capable of, their potential. The better their results, the more belief they have in their ability.


This is a never ending cycle that reinforces itself continuously.

The greater your belief in yourself, the more potential you can tap into, the more action you take, the better your results get.

The less you believe in yourself, the less potential you tap into, the less action you take, the worse the results.

Visualization is a way of ‘hacking‘ your mind to raise your belief level and create positive momentum in this cycle.

Watch the video above to learn exactly how visualization can help you tap into your full potential and get the results you’re really capable of!

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